Become Proficient in Stateflow and Logic Implementation: The course delves into Stateflow, where participants will learn to create intricate logic diagrams for control systems. You can also have pay after placements program in MATLAB Simulink Courses at Embedded box. Embedded Box, India's premier online training institute, takes pride in offering an unparalleled MATLAB training course, enriched with a myriad of features designed to elevate the learning experience and ensure success in the embedded systems domain. Our MATLAB Simulink courses are meticulously crafted to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of this powerful tool used for modeling, simulation, and analysis of dynamic systems. Through a blend of theoretical insights and hands-on experience, students gain proficiency in MATLAB, enabling them to tackle real-world challenges in the embedded industry.

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Welcome to our comprehensive MATLAB simulink Courses at Embedded Box, a gateway to unlocking the full potential of MATLAB for automotive system development with discrete dynamic systems and technology. This meticulously structured MATLAB Simulink Courses is designed to equip you with a profound understanding of MATLAB's applications in the automotive domain, bridging theory and practice seamlessly. As you delve into the world of MATLAB, you will traverse through fundamental aspects such as automotive system knowledge and precise requirement writing, cultivating skills that are pivotal for successful system development in the industry.

From harnessing the power of Simulink's versatile toolbox to crafting intricate Stateflow diagrams for logic implementation, our course guides you through a myriad of practical applications. You will not only master essential blocks and tools, but also dive into the intricacies of code generation, testing methodologies, and project management. With a strong emphasis on real-world workflows, configuration management tools, and industry-standard practices, this course primes you to confidently navigate the development lifecycle – from planning and development to rigorous testing and eventual deployment. Elevate your proficiency in MATLAB within an immersive learning experience that mirrors professional settings, and emerge prepared to contribute effectively in the dynamic landscape of automotive system development.

MATLAB Online Training


Gain a Deep Understanding of MATLAB Simulink Courses: The MATLAB Simulink Courses program starts by laying a strong foundation in MATLAB, ensuring participants grasp its essential tools and functions. Moving into Simulink, participants will learn to design and simulate automotive systems, becoming proficient in utilizing diverse blocks, solver configurations, and modeling techniques. Become Proficient in Stateflow and Logic Implementation: MATLAB Simulink Courses delves into Stateflow, where participants will learn to create intricate logic diagrams for control systems. Through practical exercises, participants will master temporal logics, state decomposition methods, and the design of complex behaviors. This expertise will enable participants to model real-world scenarios effectively.

The MATLAB Simulink Courses is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive foundation and practical proficiency in utilizing MATLAB for various engineering, scientific, and data analysis applications. This course aims to equip participants with a solid understanding of MATLAB's powerful features, from basic functions to advanced data manipulation, visualization, and modeling techniques. By the end of the course, participants will have gained the skills to efficiently write, debug, and optimize MATLAB code, enabling them to tackle complex numerical problems, implement algorithms, and visualize data effectively discrete dynamic systems and technology.

Participants will also learn how to apply MATLAB Simulink Courses in interdisciplinary contexts, fostering their ability to integrate it seamlessly into various projects and research endeavors. Through a combination of interactive online lessons, practical exercises, and real-world examples, participants will develop the skills to create custom functions, manipulate matrices, solve differential equations, and implement machine learning algorithms using MATLAB's extensive toolbox. By the course's conclusion, participants will be equipped with the confidence and proficiency to independently explore MATLAB's advanced capabilities, enabling them to contribute effectively.


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What sets Embedded Box apart is our commitment to the holistic development of our learners. Our MATLAB training course goes beyond traditional classroom teaching, incorporating practical elements such as mock interviews and live projects to enhance the application of theoretical knowledge. We understand the significance of placements in a student's journey, and therefore, our unique "pay after placements" model, coupled with a 100% placement guarantee, underscores our confidence in the skills and expertise our participants acquire during the course. Moreover, the inclusion of project certificates and course completion certificates adds value to the professional portfolios of our graduates, distinguishing them in the competitive job market.

Participants in our MATLAB Simulink courses not only receive theoretical and practical knowledge but also have the opportunity to work on live projects. This hands-on experience is crucial for bridging the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the challenges of the embedded systems field. Embedded Box takes pride in nurturing talent and providing a pathway to success through our MATLAB training course, making us the preferred choice for those aspiring to excel in the dynamic world of embedded systems.

In addition to our commitment to comprehensive learning and practical application, Embedded Box's MATLAB training course offers a dynamic curriculum that evolves with industry trends. Our experienced instructors, who are experts in MATLAB and Simulink, guide participants through modules covering topics such as signal processing, control systems, image processing, and more. The curriculum is structured to provide a solid foundation while also allowing for customization based on individual learning paths and industry requirements. One of the standout features of our MATLAB Simulink courses is the emphasis on real-world relevance. Participants engage in live projects that mirror industry scenarios, enabling them to develop problem-solving skills and a solution-oriented mindset. The hands-on experience gained in these projects not only fosters technical expertise but also cultivates teamwork and communication skills—essential attributes for success in collaborative work environments. This practical exposure is complemented by our mock interview sessions, which simulate real job interviews, giving participants the confidence and readiness needed to excel in professional settings.


Online MATLAB Training

MATLAB Introduction

  • Automotive system knowledge
  • Requirement Writing
  • Requirement writing rules
  • Requirement analysis
  • SRS (Software Requirement specification)


  • Design counter ( some basic blocks – unit delay, switch, relational operators, add, substract, etc )
  • Design up counters and down counters
  • Solver and configuration parameters settings


  • Saturation blocks
  • Relay block
  • Dead zone
  • Compare to constant block
  • Rate limiter
  • Edge Detector
  • Mux and de mux
  • Multiport switch block
  • Bus creator and Bus selector
  • Merge Block
  • Signal Builder
  • Subsystems
  • Atomic and non-atomic subsystem
  • Enable subsystem
  • trigger subsystem
  • variant subsystem
  • switch case and switch case action subsystem
  • Data dictionary
  • Model referencing
  • Model ADVISOR
  • o MAAB
    o MISRA-C
    o ISO-26262

Code Generation

  • Embedded coder
  • Target link
  • Compiler MinGW64
  • C and Embedded C Language


  • basic stateflow method (chart)
  • Truth Table
  • Model explorer settings
  • Temporal logics (time based and event based)
  • History Junction
  • Stateflow decomposition (parallel and exclusive)


  • Test cases
  • Signal Builder Block
  • Simulink Test
  • MIL Testing
  • SIL Testing
  • Model Coverage


  • High Level requirement document
  • Low level requirement document
  • Unit model development
  • Data dictstionry
  • MAB Guideline report
  • Unit model testing reports
  • Test cases
  • Coverage report
  • MIL Test report
  • SIL Test report
  • Integration
  • Configuration Management tools

  • GitHub/ SVN/ClearCase
  • JIRA
  • Project workflow in industry

    After assigned task

    • Planning
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Internal Review (if get review comments, need to rework)
    • Customer review (if get review comments, need to rework)
    • Task Done


    MATLAB Simulink Courses

    Engineering and Manufacturing

    Data Analysis and Analytics

    Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

    Academic and Research Institutions

    Finance and Economics

    Energy and Renewable Resources

    Automotive and Transportation

    Consulting and Freelancing

    A proficiency in MATLAB opens the door to a plethora of exciting career opportunities across various industries. In the realm of engineering, MATLAB is a cornerstone tool for tasks such as modeling, simulation, and control system design. Engineers in aerospace, automotive, electronics, and robotics leverage MATLAB to tackle complex design challenges and optimize system performance. The versatility of MATLAB extends into the data-driven world, making it an essential skill for careers in data science and analytics. Professionals in these fields use MATLAB's powerful capabilities for statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization, contributing to informed decision-making and innovation.

    MATLAB's significance is particularly pronounced in academic and research institutions, where it serves as a fundamental tool for researchers and academics. From physics and mathematics to computer science and economics, MATLAB aids in conducting experiments, developing algorithms, and analyzing results. Additionally, the tool's widespread adoption in the finance industry underscores its importance for careers in quantitative analysis, risk modeling, and algorithmic trading. Financial analysts and economists rely on MATLAB to handle large datasets, perform complex calculations, and model intricate financial scenarios.

    The impact of MATLAB extends into emerging fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, where it provides robust tools for algorithm development, model training, and deep learning applications. MATLAB experts are well-positioned for careers at the forefront of technological innovation, contributing to advancements in autonomous systems, image processing, and intelligent decision-making. As industries continue to evolve, the demand for professionals with MATLAB skills remains high, making it a valuable asset for individuals seeking dynamic and impactful career paths.

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    MATLAB Simulink Courses



    MATLAB Simulink Courses

    Model-Based Plan is the orderly utilization of models all through the advancement cycle that further develops how you convey complex frameworks. You can utilize Model-Based Plans with MATLAB and Simulink to abbreviate advancement cycles and lessen your improvement time by half or more. Wipe out manual advances and decrease human blunder via robotizing key advances like revealing, coding, and confirmation. Make a computerized string with detectability from necessities and framework engineering to part plan and tests. Perform prescient upkeep, distinguish blames, and improve the framework in activity involving models as computerized twins.

    Simulink is a block outline climate for multidomain reproduction and Model-Based Plan. It upholds framework level plan, reenactment, programmed code age, and ceaseless test and check of implanted frameworks. Simulink gives a graphical manager, adaptable block libraries, and solvers for demonstrating and recreating dynamic frameworks. It is composed with MATLAB, engaging you to coordinate MATLAB estimations into models and product reenactment results to MATLAB for extra assessment. In the steadily developing scene of implanted frameworks, saddling state of the art apparatuses is critical for progress. At [Your Implanted Box Institute], we perceive the meaning of MATLAB Simulink in forming the eventual fate of installed innovation. Our courses are custom-made to engage hopeful designers and engineers with the information and abilities expected to succeed in the unique universe of implanted frameworks utilizing MATLAB Simulink.

    Why Matlab Simulink for Installed Systems: MATLAB Simulink stands apart as a strong reproduction and displaying climate, permitting specialists to configuration, recreate, and break down complex frameworks proficiently. In the domain of implanted frameworks, it fills in as a significant apparatus for creating and testing calculations, control frameworks, and sign handling applications. Our courses dig into the center functionalities of MATLAB Simulink, giving an exhaustive comprehension of its capacities with regards to implanted frameworks. From calculation plan to ongoing testing, you will figure out how to use MATLAB Simulink for different applications, guaranteeing you are exceptional to fulfil industry needs.

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    Pratishtha Pawar


    embeddedbox reviews  

    Picking an Embedded Box for MATLAB Simulink preparation was a distinct advantage. The exhaustive educational program, involved tasks, and master direction gave a rich opportunity for growth. The viable abilities procured have demonstrated instrumental in my expert process. Embedded Box's MATLAB Simulink preparing is a genuine interest in mastery and professional development, enthusiastically prescribed for those expecting to succeed in unique framework displaying and reenactment. Highly recommended for those seeking excellence in MATLAB.

    Aryan Deshmukh

    Research Engineer

    embeddedbox reviews  

    Setting out on MATLAB Simulink preparing with embedded Box was an extraordinary journey. The all-around made educational program and active ventures not just developed how I might interpret dynamic framework displaying yet additionally outfitted me with useful abilities fundamental in my calling. Installed Box's MATLAB Simulink preparing stands apart for its greatness, going with it the ideal decision for those trying to dominate the complexities of framework reenactment. Enthusiastically suggested for an all-encompassing and effective growth.

    Primsar Chennaikar

    Energy Engineer

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    Enrolling in MATLAB Simulink training at Embedded Box was a career-defining choice. The comprehensive curriculum, hands-on projects, and expert guidance not only honed my skills in dynamic system modeling but also led to placement opportunities. Embedded Box's MATLAB Simulink training not only equips you with expertise but ensures a seamless transition into the professional sphere. Highly recommended for those seeking a comprehensive learning experience with tangible placement outcomes.I secured a placement with a top company. I recommend it.

    Gaurav Pawar


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    Picking Embedded Box was a defining moment in my expert process. The courses are planned, giving an ideal mix of hypothetical information and involved projects. The master teachers and industry-adjusted educational program have advanced my abilities, making Embedded Box my go-to stage for first rate instruction. Strongly suggested for anybody looking for greatness in implanted frameworks and related fields!The adaptability in preparing plans was a huge upside, permitting me to successfully adjust work and learning. Everyone Should do it and give yourself a kickstart.

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    Embedded Box's Automotive Embedded Course is a game-changer! In-depth content, hands-on projects, and expert instructors provide a stellar learning experience. The user-friendly platform and valuable career support make it stand out. A must-try for automotive enthusiasts! Embedded Box goes the extra mile by providing comprehensive career support services. The resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance are invaluable resources for individuals looking to take the next step in their careers with flysing colours and upskillment.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are the tools and software used in Embedded Box's courses provided to participants?

    You will need to have access to MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow. If you don't have these tools already, you might be eligible for student versions or trial licenses. Instructions for obtaining these tools will be provided.

    Is job placement guaranteed after completing the MATLAB Simulink Course ?

    While Embedded Box provides job placement assistance, the guarantee of job placement is subject to individual performance, market conditions, and the hiring policies of potential employers.

    How is the structure of the MATLAB Simulink Courses at Embedded Box designed?

    The MATLAB SIMULINK courses are structured into modules covering MATLAB fundamentals, Simulink, Stateflow, code generation, testing, and project management. Each module includes theoretical concepts, practical exercises, and hands-on projects.

    How will I benefit from learning Stateflow in the courses offered by Embedded Box?

    Learning Stateflow in Embedded Box's courses provides you with a powerful tool for modeling and simulating complex control logic in various engineering applications. The practical application of Stateflow enhances your ability to design and implement robust control systems, making you proficient in using this valuable tool for system development.

    What are the benefits of enrolling in MATLAB Simulink courses at Embedded Box?

    The MATLAB Simulink courses at Embedded Box offer participants a comprehensive understanding of dynamic system modeling, control system design, and signal processing. The hands-on projects and industry-aligned curriculum enhance practical skills, making individuals well-prepared for careers in engineering, simulation, and related fields that extensively use MATLAB Simulink.

    How can I get started with learning online MATLAB training at Embedded Box?

    To begin your online MATLAB training with Embedded Box, visit the official website, explore the available courses, and follow the registration process. Once enrolled, you will gain access to the course materials, virtual labs, and expert instruction, allowing you to commence your MATLAB learning journey.

    Are there job opportunities available upon completing the MATLAB training course at Embedded Box?

    Yes, completing the MATLAB training course at Embedded Box enhances your skill set, making you eligible for various job opportunities in industries such as engineering, data analysis, and research where MATLAB is extensively used. The institute also provides job placement assistance to support your transition into relevant professional roles.

    What does the MATLAB learning course at Embedded Box cover?

    The MATLAB learning course at Embedded Box covers a comprehensive curriculum, including MATLAB programming, Simulink for system modeling and simulation, and Stateflow for designing control logic. Participants gain practical skills through hands-on projects, enabling them to apply MATLAB tools in various engineering and scientific applications.

    Which institute is considered the best for learning a MATLAB Training Course ?

    Embedded Box is recognized as a leading institute for MATLAB learning, offering a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on projects, and expert instructors. Its industry-aligned approach ensures that participants acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel in MATLAB programming, simulation, and application in real-world scenarios.

    Is the MATLAB Simulink training course at Embedded Box considered too challenging for beginners?

    The MATLAB Simulink training course at Embedded Box is designed to cater to participants of all skill levels, including beginners. The courses provide structured learning materials, hands-on projects, and expert guidance, ensuring that individuals can grasp the concepts and build proficiency in using MATLAB Simulink for system modeling and simulation.

    What are the key applications covered in the MATLAB Simulink course at Embedded Box?

    The MATLAB Simulink course at Embedded Box covers applications such as dynamic system modeling, control system design, signal processing, and real-time simulation. Participants gain hands-on experience in using Simulink for various engineering and scientific disciplines, preparing them for diverse roles in industries where system simulation and design are essential.

    What is the concept of project-based learning in courses ?

    Project-based learning at Embedded Box involves hands-on, practical application of theoretical concepts through the completion of real-world projects. This approach allows participants to gain practical skills, problem-solving abilities, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter by working on industry-relevant projects during their training.